Coronavirus (COVID-19) specialist deep cleaning services

We provide specialist deep cleaning services to protect your home, office, restaurant, pub or school from coronavirus (COVID-19). We ensure that you have the peace of mind that our coronavirus decontamination services leave your property completely free from bacterial viruses that may be on any surface.

Using our anti-viral fogging machine, our specialist deep cleaning expert will provide a viral decontaminant service to ensure the space is safe for everyone to use. Our specialist anti-viral sanitation equipment uses a non-toxic disinfectant to leave all surfaces virus free.

COVID-19 secure professional cleaners

To keep you, and our team, safe and secure we ensure that our team maintains the highest hygiene standards. Mask wearing is compulsory, and we ensure that all staff wash their hands regularly. Wearing gloves where required and ensuring that sanitising gel is easy to hand.

All waste materials are disposed in accordance with our stringent disposal policies and appropriate government guidelines. Larger equipment is deep cleaned and suitably sanitised as required.

We request that customer provide their own vacuum cleaner, where possible. This prevents cross contamination between households and business environments. If this isn’t possible, please let us know at our initial consultation and we will be able to help provide a solution.

If a customer or tenant is present when our team attend, we also request that windows are left open to ensure maximum ventilation within the area.

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